On-Premises to Cloud Migration

Digycorp offers expert on-premises to cloud migration services, ensuring a seamless transition to cloud-hosted infrastructure through meticulous planning and guidance from our experienced team.

  • Planning for the future is key

    Take the first step towards a successful migration journey with Digycorp. Our free assessment report will help you map out your migration strategy, ensuring a smooth and well-planned transition to the cloud.

  • Get a free assessment report here

    Unlock the true potential of your business by prioritizing the areas that require immediate attention. At Digycorp, we help you identify the critical aspects of your business that need focus, enabling you to allocate your resources effectively and achieve maximum impact.

  • Cloud Secured

    Experience unparalleled flexibility for your business with cloud hosting compared to traditional local server setups. At Digycorp, we provide seamless scalability, instantly meeting your bandwidth requirements, and ensuring your business operations run smoothly without any limitations.

  • Informed Decision Making

    Optimize your infrastructure investments with Digycorp`s assessment report, providing actionable insights to guide your decision-making process.

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My vision is for DigyCorp to become a leader consulting businesses, supporting our clients to gain a business competitive edge through automation and disruptive digital change. I have an aggressive plan to grow DigyCorp through our global talent program. I am pleased to announce our first Asian Backoffice has had a soft launch this summer, with the formal launch due in December. Throughout next year, I anticipate continued growth and an increase in our office footprint. My personal passion is to distribute wealth more evenly across the globe.

Our Quality Clientele`

We have implemented significant software deliveries for our clients below. For example at National Grid, we delivered complex mission critical systems running a Product delivery cross cutting 4 products having complex interdependencies with 4 scrum teams totalling 50+ staff.