About Us

Our mission is to help our customers achieve more with less. Do you have spiraling IT costs and still don`t get the talent or solution your business needs? Likely, suppliers are not creating your digital transformation that`s aligned with your business strategy.

At DigyCorp, one of our first tasks is to understand our customer`s business roadmap. Armed with that, we analyze specific product requirements and only then provided digital solutions. This means we get things right the first time for our customers. Coupling that with our highly talented globally sourced staff at competitive rates, we truly believe we can help our customers achieve more with less. 

Our leaders:

Naeem Atta (CEO & Founder)

Naeem strives to give a competitive business edge to DigyCorp`s clients through automation and disruptive digital change.

Saad Karim Leghari (CTO)

Saad has 20+ years of experience driving complex digital transformations for international projects.

Our Areas of expertise:

We deliver innovative solutions to complex problems. DigyCorp has 30+ years of experience to back our claim of implementing tech solutions and helping businesses in capacity building. Our core strength lies in Cloud Computing, Software Development, Data and Analytics, and Blockchain. We offer bespoke systems, off-the-shelf customizations, and full-stack development.

In software development, we cover the full SDLC. DigyCorp also works on:

- IoT solutions

- Migration from On-Premises

- Cloud-first solutions

- BI reporting

- Machine learning and AI

- Modern Data Platform


Our Quality Clientele`

We have implemented significant software deliveries for our clients below. For example at National Grid, we delivered complex mission critical systems running a Product delivery cross cutting 4 products having complex interdependencies with 4 scrum teams totalling 50+ staff.